Opening now- August 3rd!!

Fresh Produce Season: Mid May-August 1st

Fresh Produce Grown Local

Visit our local farmers market in Coushatta, LA

When you buy produce at the supermarket, your food has to travel a long way to get to you, so it's not nearly as fresh or tasty as it could be. Skip the grocery store this weekend and visit your local farmers market to pick up locally-grown produce and plants from right here in Coushatta, LA.

Anderson's Produce & Plant Farm carries a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. From hand-picked tomatoes to large, hanging ferns, you can find all of the seasonal produce you need.

Growing local food for over 20 years

Anderson's Produce & Plant Farm in Coushatta, LA is a fully functional family farm offering a large selection of seasonal produce to our community. We are committed to bringing fresh produce to our neighbors and work hard to make sure our crop is good enough for our family before we serve yours. Monday-Saturday you can visit our local farmers market to pick from fresh produce and check out our family farm.

Contact us today to see what seasonal produce we have available.

Experience life on a farm

Anderson's Produce & Plant Farm is more than just a local farmers market. When you visit us, you'll get a small taste of the farming life. You'll be able to:

  • Hand-pick your produce from our harvested crops.
  • Walk through our fern garden to pick your flowers.
  • See our crop fields as we harvest produce and plants.

Our produce market is open to the public, so bring your family for some local farm fun.

Great place to shop for fresh produce and prices are reasonable. Very Friendly people and they help the elderly and handicapped get their merchandise to their vehicles. I totally recommend Anderson's Produce.

-Andrew Bing

I drove nearly 2 hrs this morning one way to buy. very friendly girls, great looking produce and prices are little high but the quality was very good. I will be back.

-Wayne Deshotel

Very fresh produce, and fair prices. Worth the drive, or go to the farmers market and buy from them there.

-Charles Thompson

Great place to buy fresh produce.

-Holly Watson

The Anderson's are the Pinnacle of plants and produceE

-Robbie Scarborough

Biggest tomatoes that I have EVER seen!!! Jason is hospitable and has a true love for people and farming and it shows in his produce. If you're in the area, it's a must stop!